The History of
Children of St Ann's Spiritual Baptist Church

       St Ann's Spiritual Baptist Church began as a small Prayer Group, during the 1970s, in the kitchen at the home of Mother Grace Chapman. After membership grew, worship was temporarily moved to St James Congregational in Roxbury and then later to the home of Mother Cecilia "Iona" Mayhew where a spiritual place of fellowship was set up for five years.

       After five years, membership increased and a larger sanctuary of worship was sought after. During this time, along with the late Leader Jeremiah Trotman and the late Leader Cyril Ali Jackman, a name "Children of St Ann's Spiritual Baptist Church" came about by our dearly departed Mother Cynthia Doyle.

       On December 29, 1987, a place of worship was established at 118 Woodrow Avenue in Dorchester. After three years, membership again increased, and on November 4th, 1991 an official House of Worship was instituted, and on January 24, 1992 a permanent home, at 162-164 Woodrow Avenue, Dorchester, was founded. The Children of St Ann’s was later consecrated in July of 1992.

       During Mother Doyle’s short illness, her constant words to her spiritual children were to "love one another, stay together and be kind to one another."