Mother's Union Chapter Two

Children of St Ann’s Spiritual Baptist Church-Boston, Mother's Union, Chapter Two, conducted its’ very first prison Worship Service on Friday August 31st, 2007 to the women of MCI-Federal Prison located in Framingham, Massachusetts.

109 women flocked to hear the WORD of God. They came seeking encouragement, prayers, comfort and love as we sang hymns and lifted our voices in praises to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Many of the women remained after the hour long service asking us to pray for them, their children and loved ones at home.

Under the leadership of Mother Maureen Doyle, our goal is for the prisoners to become followers and grow as fruitful disciples of Jesus Christ as we work directly with the Prison Chaplain, Reverend Lucy Marshall, to facilitate programming to assist in their ministry as of the Church on the inside. We believe through regular Bible Studies and Worship Services God’s Holy Word will impact lives within the prison.

We began our preparation for this blessed day, back in May of 2007, when we visited the prison to observe a Worship Service. Our steps as ordered by God continued on as we attended the Prison Orientation for Volunteers and obtained further training when the Prison Chaplain visited The Children of St Ann’s to conduct her workshop for Volunteers.