Pastor's Corner

Bishop Peter E. Doyle

   A Spiritual Baptist leader who chose to enquire about his wife's love and commitment for the church is thanking God everyday that he made this gesture. As a matter of fact, not only has his own soul been saved by this effort but also that of hundreds of other individuals with whom he has come into contact with. So is the case of Reverend Peter E. Doyle, who was drawn into the Spiritual Baptist religion sometime in the 1980s when he decided to see for himself what kept his wife, Mother Maureen, in church for several hours on Sundays and sometimes all nights on Saturdays. He followed her to church one day and has never left the church since. Doyle, who migrated from St. George's, Grenada to New York City in 1972, recognized that his wife, Mother Maureen, was committed to her religion. (The couple met approximately one year after his arrival in the United States and though they were from different parts of the English-speaking Caribbean (she from Tobago) they soon discovered that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. That union has reproduced four children and three grandchildren.). The young husband's curiosity did not stop just there. In the summer of 1987, after he was convinced that the teachings he received were in relation to the what was written in the Holy Scriptures, the young man accepted Holy Baptism. He was baptized by Patriarch Norris V. Ashton and the late Mother Cynthia Doyle. However the young convert possessed a greater thirst for the word of God and also a desire to spread the word. In 2000, he was ordained by Patriarch Norris V. Ashton, head of Mt. Moriah Spiritual Church in Brooklyn, New York. During his early years as a reverend, the young man was commissioned to assist the late Reverend Cyril Ali Jackman. Upon Jackman's passing, he became the full fledged head of the Spiritual Baptist church called Children of St. Ann's located at 162-164 Woodrow Street, Dorchester, Massachusetts. Reverend Doyle has taken also extended himself and taken up the responsibilities of representative of the International Affairs of the Spiritual Baptist Arch-diocese of New York. In 2003 he returned to his homeland with a 'Mission'. He was supported by members of the 'Children of St. Ann's Spiritual Baptist Church' as well as members of 'Mt. Moriah Spiritual Baptist Church' which is located in Brooklyn, New York.